Mural at Southfielsd Technology College, Workington, incorporating painting, drawing and digital imaging, 2008


Age-appropriate workshops for all abilities, including special needs, are designed to provide a platform where staff and pupils can experiment and develop new approaches, while learning new skills and having fun. Workshops can be targeted to KS1, KS2, KS3 and SEN groups, and can include CPD for teachers and sessions that involve parents as well. 

Art: core skills KS1, 2 + 3

Arts Award- I'm trained to deliver Arts Award.

Sketchbooks-  making our own hand-made personalised sketchbooks and learning how to use them as a vital thinking tool.

Mosaics- Using traditional glass and broken tile techniques.

Print- Woodcuts, linocuts, and collographs using my portable printing press.

Hand- printed books- linocut.

Drawing- Learning to draw portraits and still- life using different mediums such as pastel, pen and ink, and charcoal.

Painting- Painting a still- life incorporating design, colour studies, how to use oil and acrylic paint.

Sculpture- Modelling with clay and plaster, constructions with willow.

Exploring prominent artists and styles- in- depth studies of the ideas behind art.

Video- projections

Photoshop- Developing spectacular presentations and events.