Linking art with other areas of the curriculum

Workshops can be targeted to KS1, KS2, KS3 and SEN groups, and can include CPD for teachers and sessions that involve parents as well. There are lots of ways that an art project can be linked to the curriculum. 

Choose from a variety of activities, or contact me to discuss any other ideas!

Sample projects linked to Design Technology and Maths in KS1 + 2

Design- An architectural mural incorporating drawing, digital printing, templates, mock- ups, and presentations using PowerPoint.

Scaling- up- from designs and maquettes in card and wire,  to make larger sculptures. Scaling up from diagrams of labyrinths to create a full scale labyrinth in the school grounds.

Exploring materials- Clay, plaster, card, acrylic sheet.

Geometry- Designing patterns incorporating Fibonacci sequences to create tessellations for vinyl 'stained- glass windows.

Sample projects linked to History, KS1, 2 + 3

The Romans in Britain- A big collaborative mosaic, or individual flowerpots or tiles; a scale model of a Roman villa, or clay sculptures inspired by Roman art.

Anglo Saxon culture in Britain- Hand- made books using printmaking, painting and calligraphy inspired  by medieval illuminated manuscripts.

Significant individuals - Exploring how portraiture has been used by rulers throughout History to enhance their image, we will learn the art of portraiture.

The Battle of Britain- Using archive film, photographs and paintings by war artists alongside our own drawings, we will make a multimedia video projection.